Valley of Demons

The Klickitat Indians had a name for the place, Yacolt. It translated into “Valley of Demons”. They believed that evil spirits there would take people away and there are many accounts of this happening. I rented a house in the area and I can tell you it lives up to the name.

One account I heard claimed that a large group of native women and children went missing while gathering food in the forest. This happened many years before settlers ever came west. They had set out one morning, but were late getting back. The hunters had returned in the afternoon and by sun down the tribe was scouring the forest for the missing group. After days of searching they were forced to give up. No sign of struggle or violence of any kind. Not a basket or berry to be found. No torn clothing or broken necklaces. They were gone without a trace and never seen again.

I was still fresh in my spiritual journey at the time. I was reading ever book I could find on the subject of God and alternative ideas about being a seeker. I thought I was ready for anything.

The house set 300 feet above the road to Sunset Falls. The hillside had been cut out just big enough for the new home to sit on. No one had lived in the house yet. It had a strong smell of new construction. It looked like any other cookie cutter house you might see in suburbia but it was set in the woods without a neighbor in sight.

I had developed a bad habit of falling asleep on the couch watching TV. I would usually wake up to a dark room with the only light coming from the TV screen. One morning I did my usual routine when I noticed that there was no static and the room was lit up. A little groggy, I looked to see where the light was coming from.

The wall to the left of the couch was bare and white. We hadn’t had time to put up pictures or put furniture against that wall. I could see that this was not a plain wall anymore. A bright image covered the entire space. I could see a long dirt road stretching to infinity. Huge leafy trees lined the road behind an old wooden fence. The leaves we’re gold and they shimmered as a gentle breeze made them flutter in the image. The sky was the bluest blue I had ever seen. It was a beautiful landscape.

I looked away and rubbed my eyes. I thought to myself, that can’t be real, I must be dreaming. I looked back at the wall and it was still there. I stained to see what was at the end of the road, it seemed important to me at the time. It just went on so far, I couldn’t be sure. Again I looked away and shook my head. I gazed on the apparition a third time and it was still there. I had a strong urge to get up and touch it. I felt I could walk right into that place. It looked like heaven. The fourth and final time I turned my attention away from the wall and to the sliding glass door. The curtains were opened just enough for the porch light to expose a few fluffy snow flakes falling in the dark. The sight of the snow made me forget all about that wondrous sight and I got up and went to bed.

I got up the next morning with no recollection of the incident. My wife pulled open the bedroom curtain just a crack and said, “It snowed last night”.

I immediately sprang up remembering everything I had seen. I knew I hadn’t dreamt it. “Your not going to believe what I saw” I said stumbling to get all of the words out. I told her, and thankfully she believed me. I am not the kind of person to make up false stories but I know it’s better when you see it for yourself.

Now I wonder, did the people who went missing there see a vision like I did? Maybe they saw their own version of paradise and couldn’t resist a closer look. Had I went in, what would I have found on the other side? What did they find? After the time I spent there my guess is, it’s not anything good.

The darkness can disguise itself as the light. At times it is difficult to tell them apart. When we do see the darkness for what it is you need to cast it out of your life. Whether it be a place, thing, or person. No matter what or who it is. If it causes you nothing but pain and sadness, leave it. We should have left that house right then and there. We didn’t and things got weird but that’s another story.

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